The Executive Recovery Experience provides a non-medical and non-invasive approach to alleviating compulsive behaviors, by shifting subconscious beliefs at a cellular level.

With the emerging data in Epigenetics, Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis, science is finding greater connection between belief structure and how cells function as a result of those beliefs. The science behind the work at Terex is based in part on research by Dr. Bruce Lipton.

In his research on stem cells, Dr. Lipton discovered the deep connection between our cells and the human subconscious mindset. We now better understand the chemistry of the brain regarding addiction, the middle brain (receptors) is responsible for cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

The Executive Recovery Experience takes the approach that compulsive behaviors are a symptom of various negative beliefs and a person’s subconscious programming about themself that is locked into his/her cellular system.

Through subconscious belief alteration techniques these cells can be altered to support recovery with the change in belief directly affecting both the mind and body.

Our practitioners facilitate a time-accelerated belief alteration that resolves cravings and compulsive behaviors through a proprietary methodology akin to hypnosis which supports over 80% resolution in three or four sessions.

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Hyper-acclerate your recovery process!

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