I am the Founder and CEO of Terex. 

Being in recovery for over 34 years and having been a CEO of a residential center, I am familiar with the various programs available to those who suffer from substance related afflictions.

I was introduced to the one who administers the Experience nine years ago while I was still operating the recovery center. After reading the testimonials, I became open to the idea of offering some my clients – those who were not responding well to traditional approaches - another way.

I personally escorted a few of the clients to an off-site location and was fortunate enough to be present when they went through their Experience. What I witnessed first-hand was the most powerful, transformative event that I have ever seen. Their Experience removed their substance related issues, accelerated their recovery, and changed the trajectory of their lives.

It is an honor to now serve by offering the same Experience in a highly confidential way to those who simply cannot or will not seek traditional programs of recovery.  What is offered here is an Experience of a life time that changes individuals forever.

The TEREX Experience has been tailored for a select clientele who are challenged by traditional methods associated with their issues and for those who have tried them and failed. It is for those who are time constrained, require absolute discretion, and suffer from issues too sensitive to bring to any other environment.

The Experience is available for those who are primed to address both their presenting problems and more importantly the deeper under-currents of past afflictions that are the true cause of our not being able to experience our lives to their fullest.

In Love and Peace,


The one who administers this Experience now chooses to only be contacted through TEREX.

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