The TEREX VIP Experience is not a substitute or replacement for medical or psychological diagnosis, care, or any

treatment by a licensed health care professional. The experience is not a therapy, treatment or program but an

‘Experience’. If you are physically or mentally ill or have any symptoms, you should consult a licensed health care

professional and not rely on this experience as it only complements traditional medical care and only with the

approval of your doctor or chosen health care provider. Likewise, if you are pregnant, nursing or consenting to the

evaluation of a child, you are advised to consult with a trained medical practitioner before implementing anything

that comes through this Experience. The services offered are not licensed or certified by any state or locale.  You

should never engage in any spiritual ministration or other energy work without the prior knowledge or approval of

your healthcare provider. You should never discontinue any treatment or medication that your licensed health care

provider has prescribed. You must refrain from using alcoholic beverages and any self-prescribed and/or

recreational drugs for 24 hours prior to your Experience. Do not engage in any energy work, program and/or

modality for a minimum of one week following your EXPERIENCE, as doing so can neutralize and affect its benefits.

We are not medical doctors and do not practice medicine. You will sign an Informed Consent Form before your VIP

Day Experience acknowledging that we have not presented ourselves as a practitioner of allopathic medicine or any

of its branches, naturopathic medicine, or a licensed, certified, or registered counselor. We hold no degrees,

certificates, or licenses for the Experience offered.

The services and experiences offered are educational in nature, as such any recommendations are designed only

to help you achieve energetic stability, balance, and harmony. They are not intended to alleviate, administer to, cure,

diagnose, heal, mitigate, prevent, relieve, or treat any ailment, complaint, defect, deformity, disease, injury, mental

or physical condition, pain or symptom. Likewise, any information derived through the Experience – e.g. lifestyle

changes and/or other feedback that comes forth are for expressive associational, religious philosophical and for self-

educational purposes, not medicinal, or curative purposes.

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