Energy-Based Healing – the Future Recovery Paradigm?

I am a successful outcome of a traditional 12 step recovery program enjoying over 34 years of continuous sobriety. I own and operate several MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) Companies assisting those with opioid dependencies. I previously established and operated a residential recovery organization. I am familiar with most of the traditional treatment models in practice today. These approaches to addictions and the associated dysfunctional behaviors do help some individuals make progress with their afflictions, but the majority only experience temporary relief.

Contained within all of these treatment modalities is the belief that the best possible outcome is life-long remission, a suspension of the addiction and the associated behavior. We hold no belief based on past experience that there is any possibility to cure or heal. These hoped-for outcomes require months, years, an entire lifetime of commitment to maintaining a reprieved state of living.

What if a new emerging art/science of energy-based healing could elevate the expected outcome while dramatically shortening the time necessary to experience it?

We all know that 12 step is successful because it is grounded in Spiritual principles, those consistent with our best practices and understanding regarding psychotherapy, etc. We do turn to a Power greater than ourselves, which is inherently non-scientific and “unknowable”.

What if we are beginning to understand, to become aware of, the mechanics that operate behind the Spiritual principles found in 12-step? A new frontier of an emerging practice area that is grounded in research and discoveries based in Epigenetics, Neuroplasticity, and Neurogenesis. The formation of a new discipline of art/science let’s call it “Spiritual/Mind Engineering” or “Energy-Based Technologies”, now capable of providing a healing, a lifetime cure, an uplifted behavior modification, in a matter of hours or days? 

Of course, there is a high degree of skepticism regarding this from the current evidence addiction/recovery community. But is that not the same disbelief in something new that has occurred throughout human history? All paradigm shifts in thinking and understanding go through this acceptance process. Not discounting the significant resistance from the current addiction treatment industry that has substantial capital investments with individual’s investment of time and money required to receive certifications and degrees necessary to participate in it.

The early results experienced from this new shift like most new areas of research is varied with a few outstanding outcomes, some somewhat successful, most not. I suggest that it is not because the mechanics or engineering principles are not present, but rather the results are based on the quality of the “Engineer/Practitioner” applying his/her skills. There are good auto mechanics out there and poor ones.

How do we scientifically measure this? By applying the same evidence-based measurements regarding outcomes on those who have gone through the new process. It either works or it does not. But what is considered a successful outcome today? Self-reporting results based on arbitrary lengths of time that individual claims to have remained clean or sober? A year, 5 years, a lifetime? Energy-based healing services provided by a competent practitioner deliver similar outcomes (in most cases exceeds them) in a fraction of the time of traditional programs.

As in all early disciplines, there has to be a beginning. Pioneers (both clients and practitioners) who are not interested in normal treatment modalities, or have been unsuccessful with them, and seek out something deeper and more effective. Pushing aside the skepticism and finding the courage to try something un-accepted with perception of risk.

I’m Charles Whyard. The Executive Recovery Experience specializes in supporting clients who are not interested or have been unsuccessful with traditional treatment modalities. We work with individuals and treatment centers. We would love to work with you. Book a time to talk with us!

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