• Q: How much does the TEREX VIP Experience cost?

    A. The Experience is in line with monthly costs associated with exclusive, luxury recovery facilities. Please contact us for more details.

  • Q. When you say discreet?

    A. There is paperwork involved but nothing that will state that you are seeking help for your sensitive issue. 

  • Q. How are the logistics arranged?

    A. TEREX will coordinate with your schedule and travel constraints. You can travel to an East Coast location or we can come to you for additional fees.  The settings vary from a 5-star hotel or private secluded home.  You will be met by a Senior TEREX representative the day/night before who will escort you to your next day VIP session.

  • Q. Are you a certified Alcohol Substance Abuse Treatment provider?

    A.  No. And we make no representation that we are. Please read our disclaimer. We offer personal support services.

  • Q. After my VIP Experience are there support services available?

    A. Yes. TEREX offers a one year Concierge Support Package tailored specifically to your on-going needs.

  • Q. Are the additional support services necessary?

    A. They are highly recommended. During your VIP Experience you will feel deep relief from your issues. Immediate relief from a life long burden is a very intense and exhilarating experience. It places you on a completely new path - one for your own ultimate growth and greater happiness.  However, old thought patterns, non productive habits, and echoes from past behaviors may occur.  It is important that you reinforce your new found freedom and give yourself the best opportunity to keep accelerating forward.

  • Q: What is your cancellation policy? 

    A: All fees are non-refundable and due in full when scheduling. If you must rearrange your scheduled appointment due to a life death situation or emergency or a severe weather condition that prohibits traveling, another appointment time will be accommodated 

  • Q. What forms of payment do you take?

    A. We are private pay only.  We recommend Wire Transfer for discretion but also accept all major Credit Cards as well. We only provide services after your Check clears.

  • Q. Can you tell me more about the Experience?

    A. TEREX is for those individuals who are PRIMED to move through and outgrow their desires, cravings, and thoughts related to their out of control problems.  They are ready to move past the need for it, before the seed of origin even began.  If you had a wise kind inner voice that would lovingly tell you everything you needed to know about yourself - how Powerful would that be?

    The ultimate goal of the Experience is resolution and peace.
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