How would your life be different if you no longer felt consumed by your out of control behaviors?

How would you feel if that which is haunting you was removed? 

What would your life be like?

If you have found this web-site then something inside of you is speaking to you.  Are you tired of carrying the burden of your issue?  You simply have to make the decision that you no longer wish to live with it.

If you make the choice, then contact us, we will arrange for everything necessary for you to go through your Experience.

How It Works

The Executive Recovery Experience uses a process called HypnoParity™ to provide significant relief and resolution of compulsive behaviors. Developed by a practitioner, dubbed by past clients as the “Healer of Addictions” because of how rapidly most out of control problems cease, HypnoParity™ has supported over 30,000 clients over the last 30 year to resolve compulsove behaviors and lead clients to a greater sense of inner peace.
The Executive Recovery Experience program is comprised of 7 HypnoParity™ sessions. The first 4 sessions are delivered in person in a 3-4 hours back to back. Most clients describe significant relief and, at times, complete resolution afterwards. The program includes three follow up HypnoParity™ sessions by phone to address any additional issues that may present themselves.
Please read our Testimonials page for more information about what past clients have experienced as a result of their sessions. Every person’s experience is unique and we cannot make any guarantees. However, if you feel drawn to this service, trust your knowing.

To ensure you are a fit for this service, you'll speak with a Terex representative who will share more information and answer all of your questions. Once you’ve spoken to one of our representatives and have decided this Program is for you, you’ll be scheduled to meet for your first session.


Sessions are held in a discreet location in the New England, NYC, and Washington DC area or, if you desire, we can come to you. After your initial in-person session, the telephone sessions are usually scheduled 30, 90, and 180 days after the initial session, at your discretion. Follow up sessions last between 20-30 minutes. 


We operate with absolute discretion with a mutual confidentiality agreement in place. You will work closely with a senior Terex representative to maintain privacy as you go through this process.

Are You A Good Candidate For This Process?


Our clients are C-suite Executives, Celebrities, Music Artists, Legal and Medical Professionals, Politicians and other individuals with high profiles who struggle with excessive drinking, eating, and other binge behaviors that they have not managed to overcome and MUST have absolute discretion.

Those who benefit from Terex have similar challenges, in that, they:

  • May have had multiple treatment experiences without successful recovery or resolution
  • Cannot engage in traditional recovery approaches due to their high profile
  • Are severely time constrained, cannot take time off from their schedules
  • Understand there is something deeper that needs to happen in their recovery process in order to achieve the resolution they are looking for.


If this is you, please contact us at (571)-223-7773. This line is completely confidential.  


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Hyper-acclerate your recovery process!

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