Shifting Binge Culture In The C-Suite

Work hard, play hard is an avid and embraced way of life in the C-suite. With the immense amount of pressure to perform, the desire to reward hard work with risky behaviors to blow off steam can turn simple stress relief into a coping mechanism/compulsive habit that you can’t seem to live without.

What once was fun becomes an immense risk not only for individual well-being but a risk for the company as well. According to The National Institute of Drug Abuse, substance abuse costs business in the US nearly $600 billion annually. One scandal in the C-suite can cost an individual not only a job but puts the company’s reputation at stake, which can cost millions to repair.

The stereotypical archetype of a substance abuser is uneducated, unemployed, and unmotivated which is untrue. According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) of the 20 million adults with a substance abuse disorder, three quarters are employed.

Of that group, those who were in management reported the 7th highest rate of heavy alcohol use and the third-highest rate of illicit drug use. The c-suite has more going on than what meets the eye. Due to their power and status, they are the least likely to engage in support.

Suffering from addictive behaviors can affect all individuals no matter their power or status. There’s a significant amount of shame and stigma around addiction for high-performing individuals. They think they can stop when they want. They think they’ve got it under control. Then when they cannot stop or control they try to manage it. That’s a sign there’s a problem.

Recovery for C-suite management is challenging due to the need for trust and confidentiality and compounded by the fact that traditional treatments require 30 day stays at a minimum.

Providing absolute discretion, The Executive Recovery Experience, partners with Rehabs, VC firms, and Companies – providing a tailored recovery option that relieves execs of their compulsive behaviors (drinking, drugs, food, porn, gambling, etc), offering a unique approach designed for quick, effective resolution.

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